Changing Nechells

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Changing Nechells

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  • Written by well-known local h istorians with many books to their credit
  • A record of past memories and evokes nostalgia of yesteryear
  • Beautifully illustrated with rarely seen photographs

By the middle of the 19th century, the demands to house Birmingham’s rapidly expanding industry and workforce swiftly urbanised Nechells. Building in this north-east part of Birmingham was hastily constructed and became substandard. Working-class back to back courtyards with terraced houses were built dominating this area alongside factories, workshops, corner shops and pubs.

Two gasworks were constructed in Windsor Street and Nechells Place polluting the air with an offensive odour compounded by the neighbouring Saltley gasworks and a power station to the north. Today, fresh air has returned to Nechells. Duelcarriageways now run where shopping centres once thrived.

Various redevelopments have replaced the substandard housing with high-rise tower blocks and low-rise housing in landscaped settings. Many modern large and small units now house industry, business and entertainment complexes alongside the old.

Through images and text, Changing Nechells captures the considerable changes Nechells has undergone throughout three generations.


Keith Clenton was born in Birmingham and worked for the Austin Motor Company. An avid local photographer and volunteer worker at the Birmingham Lives Archive, Clenton is the co-author of three local history publications.

Born in Birmingham in 1940, Ted Rudge received a secondary modern education. On retirement from British Telecom, he studied at the University of Birmingham, gaining a philosophy degree and a Master’s degree in West Midlands History. Rudge is the author of five and co-author of seven local Birmingham history books.

Dimensions: 235 x 165 mm
Binding: paperback
Extent: 96 pages
Illustrations: 180 colour photographs

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