Tram Disasters: British and Foreign Tram Crashes and Accidents

Tram Disasters: British and Foreign Tram Crashes and Accidents

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Peter Tuffrey has always been fascinated by trams, just as other people are captivated by racing cars, vintage automobiles, steam locomotives and buses. He can’t explain why, but it all began over thirty years ago when he bought a glass plate photographic collection that depicted, with pin-sharp clarity, numerous varieties of Doncaster trams. From there he moved on to collecting tram crash postcards and helped Sheffield author Brian Hinchliffe produce a small tram crash booklet in 1990. He has since carried on collecting as many pictures of tram crashes as he can find.

And the particular interest in crashes? That probably springs from a slightly morbid, boyish fascination with disasters of any sort, be they natural or man-made, on private jets, ocean liners, spaceships or … trams. So, without any rational explanation or excuses, this book boldly illustrates British and foreign tram crashes from the late nineteenth century to the present day, including instances of trams falling victim to aerial bombing. The stories of these disasters are at once humourous, touching and tragic. They also form a unique and dramatic picture of the changing transport scene over the last century.


Peter Tuffrey was born in Doncaster in 1953. He studied Fine Art at Doncaster College of Art and then at Leeds University until 1974. He was Keeper of Fine and Decorative Arts at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery 1975-1995; freelance writer 1995-2000, PR Media Consultant for Doncaster Rovers 2000- 2002; and Area Manager for the Music Ground Group of Companies 2003-2010. He is now working as a freelance writer.

He has produced over 80 publications featuring the Doncaster area as well as Nottingham, Sheffield, and the Yorkshire area in general. He has also written many articles for local and regional newspapers and has recently penned a novel Angel from the Gutter.

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