Haunted Second World War Airfields Volume Three: Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland

Haunted Second World War Airfields Volume Three: Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland

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  • Fascinating subject with mass aviation, local and national appeal: the popular Flypast form has over 1,226 posts to the subject within a few days
  • Overviews of paranormal investigations that have been conducted by research groups at airfields with details and web addresses of the online reports
  • Includes a hand-drawn plan for each airfield
  • The culmination of fifteen years of research into the topic

For seventeen years, Christopher Huff has studied paranormal phenomena on RAF airfields. Convincing reports of ghosts and inexplicable happenings have radiated from these sites since the First World War, and continue to do so today, but why are so many airfields haunted? The answer may seem obvious, but a true understanding can only be attained through a careful study of the history of each airfield and the squadrons that passed through them. In this last of three volumes, the emphasis shifts to the RAF, RCAF and the bomber airfields of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, together with examples from Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Here we find Bomber Command at its most active and from where it suffered most of its losses, and indeed where some of the most haunted airfields in Britain are to be found. Indeed, some 55,573 aircrew lost their lives in Bomber Command.

Haunted Second World War Airfields is a fascinating and highly informative guide to this country’s historic airfields and is essential reading for RAF enthusiasts and those interested in the paranormal.


Christopher Huff has researched and investigated the paranormal since the mid-1970s. Academically, he holds a BA from York in Archaeology, a post-graduate diploma from the University of Kent in Research and Technology, and an MA from Durham in archaeological surveying. Also, Huff has written articles for a number of paranormal and archaeological journals.

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Extent: 432 pages
Illustrations: 87 black-and-white illustrations

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