The Last Days of Steam Around Nottingham and Derby: From the Bill Reed Collection

The Last Days of Steam Around Nottingham and Derby: From the Bill Reed Collection

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Nottingham railwayman and photographer Bill Reed is now eighty and is celebrating the occasion by delving into his vast photographic archive and presenting us with unique images of the last days of steam around Nottingham and Derby.

Dating from the late 1940s, 1950s and 1960s these images are amongst the first he took and they are from once well known vantage points of scenes now mostly obliterated by the march of time. Some of Bill's favourite local locations include ones at New Basford, Bagthorpe Junction, Bulwell Common, Bulwell Hall, the 'Rat Hole', Toton, Watnall and Derby. Pictures carefully captured at Bulwell Common are from the bottom of his dad’s allotment located at the Hucknall Road/St Alban's Road junction. It is also remarkable to hear that at the tender age of 16,

Bill was never challenged about taking pictures on railway property. 'Nobody bothered in those days,' recalls Bill. 'I always behaved responsibly, wandered wherever I pleased, took as many pictures as I liked and cleared off. No trouble at all. And I enjoyed every minute.' The picture captions give brief yet concise histories of locations – sheds and stations – as well as detailed information about a particular locomotive’s build dates, allocations, alterations and withdrawal.


Peter Tuffrey was born in Doncaster in 1953. He studied Fine Art at Doncaster College of Art and at Leeds University until 1974. He was Keeper of Fine and Decorative Arts at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery 1975-1995; freelance writer 1995-2000; PR Media Consultant for Doncaster Rovers 2000-2002; and Area Manager for the Music Ground Group of Companies 2003-2010. Tuffrey is now working as a freelance writer and has produced over eighty publications featuring the Doncaster area as well as Nottingham and Sheffield.

Dimensions: 248 x 172 mm
Binding: paperback
Pages: 128
Illustrations: 200 b/w photographs

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