Paterson Through Time

Paterson Through Time

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Paterson is a unique city in the New Jersey landscape. Once a hub of American ingenuity and industrial production, it slowly relinquished that role as mechanization and cramped space led industries out of the cities and into other parts of the United States.

The city of Paterson tells a story of a planned city built on industry to supply a nation with a variety of finished goods and products and the ingenuity that propelled the United States to become an industrial superpower well into the twentieth century.

Third largest city in New Jersey and the county seat of Passaic County, Paterson has always been home to a working class of many different cultures and creeds. Of the many small cities with a deep connection to some of the most compelling chapters in American history, industry and social change, Paterson is not to be overlooked. Both nature and man played pivotal roles in Paterson’s founding and legacy.

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Until 2007, Marcia Dente was a life-long resident of Paterson. After working forty-five years for the city of Paterson, Department of Public Works, she retired in 2005. Having grown up next to the Great Falls, she lived and loved not only the history of this national treasure but the history of the city itself. She is the author of Great Falls of Paterson, published in 2010 and Paterson Great Falls: From Local Landmark to National Historical Park, published in 2012.

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