Burlington Through Time

Burlington Through Time

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The town of Burlington Massachusetts has a rich history that dates to 1642 with the founding of Woburn, the tenth town in Middlesex County. Then as now the significance of Burlington’s geographic location cannot be overlooked. Situated approximately twelve miles northwest of the capital city of Boston, it is today surrounded by major access routes to points of the compass. The history of the town and area connects with the growth and development of the American Nation.

Settled and farmed by men from Woburn as early as the 1660s, established as a Second Precinct or Parish in 1730 and host to John Hancock and Samuel Adams on April 18-19 1775, the area and later town of Burlington was truly, ‘part of a greater chronicle’.

During the nineteenth century the area was home to Harvard president and town co-founder John Walker as well as the noted local historian and religious leader, Samuel Sewall, who had published his History of Woburn in 1867, one of the first scholarly histories of the area. Burlington remained a quintessential New England small town until the mid 1950s when residential development boomed and many young families moved away from cities for life in the ‘country’. Development has continued to this day and Burlington has become a major attraction for commercial, retail and residential life.


In the summer of 1962, Rob Costa and his family, led by Joseph and Hilda, moved to the growing suburb of Burlington Massachusetts. Beginning his education in the 6th grade, Union School, housed then in Burlington’s police station, he graduated with the Burlington High School, Class of 1969, then housed in today’s Marshall Simonds Middle School. After receiving a BA in History from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Rob began teaching History and Sociology at the present day Burlington High School In 1980 Mr.Costa received his MAT History from Salem State College. Throughout his teaching career, Mr. Costa put great importance on the study of Local History to gain/see a better connection to our lives today. In 2001, his book, Images of America Burlington was published, a collection of 200 historic photographs with text. Rob retired from teaching History in 2012,after serving 39 years in the Burlington system, but still enjoys the study of the subject.

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