Burke County Through Time

Burke County Through Time

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Join Lainey McDaniel in a journey through Georgia’s Burke County, from the cotton field of the nineteenth century to its twenty-first century nuclear power plant that provides electricity for people who live and work in America’s growing Southeast. Nearly one hundred photographs from yesterday and today give the reader a first-hand look at how this original Georgia county first settled in the 1700s has helped shape the American story.

One of America’s original eight counties, Burke County has played an important role in the history of Georgia.

In 1860, it had just 674 farms and an established traditional way of life; just four years later, when Sherman and his troops marched through Waynesboro in the infamous March to the Sea, life was turned upside down, never to be the same again. Older folk will enjoy this trip down memory lane while younger generations can have a glimpse into the past where life was harder, but in many ways simpler.


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