Monmouth County Through Time

Monmouth County Through Time

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Monmouth County has often been referred to as the crossroads of New Jersey. Centrally located within the state, one of the most crucial battles during the American Revolutionary War took place there. Long sought out for its beautiful beaches, historical attractions, and lush scenery, Monmouth County is currently home to over half a million people.

Compacted into this tiny geographic area can be found a diverse selection of landscapes. In addition to the shore, the county boasts five major hospitals, four racetracks, bustling cities, farms, woodlands, military installations, factories, parks and overall represents a perfect example of American suburbia.

Many icons of popular culture past and present including Count Basie, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Springsteen, Norman Mailer and Ashley Tisdale were raised in Monmouth County. This volume intends to take the reader on a visual journey through time on the roads of home, visiting familiar favorites and touching on forgotten locales alike.


At age eleven, author Robert Gilinsky stumbled on a book prepared for the centennial history of his hometown, Neptune City, in his garage. This chance encounter was an embarkation point for a lifetime’s journey into researching the history of New Jersey, with a special affection for those towns and hamlets closest to him. Gilinsky has published several books and articles pertaining to local history, and has a large collection of historic local collectables and publications.

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