Quincy Through Time

Quincy Through Time

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One of America’s oldest communities, Quincy has been renowned through time for both its people and its natural resources. Both John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams served the United States in multitudinous ways, including as President. The sentiment for Revolution ran right through the city, fueling the fires that erupted into the War for Independence.

In quieter days, Quincy settled into a long period of granite extraction for use in construction of monuments like the Women’s Memorial to the victims of the Titanic disaster in Washington, D.C., and the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston.

As building styles changed, the granite industry waned, but Quincy never wavered. At the beginning of the twentieth century, shipbuilding became the industry of choice, as the local yards turned out ships of war for many nations, as well as some of the country’s earliest submarines. And there was more: Howard Johnson’s started in Quincy, as did Dunkin’ Donuts. Although ‘old’, Quincy rejuvenates itself when historical forces call for change.


Donald Cann is a ranger for the National Park Service’s Boston Harbor Islands and the coauthor of ten books with John Galluzzo. John is a historian, naturalist, newspaper and magazine columnist and the author of more than 25 more titles on the history and nature of the region. Together they travel throughout New England lecturing on the region’s fantastic history.

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