United States Mail Boat: Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

United States Mail Boat: Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

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In New Hampshire, nestled among the foothills of the White Mountains, lies one of the most beautiful bodies of water anywhere in the world, Lake Winnipesaukee. Known to Native Americans since time immemorial as ‘the beautiful water in a high place,’ the Big Lake is extraordinary for many reasons, and perhaps none so curious as its postal service.

Mail had been delivered by boat on Lake Winnipesaukee since 1892, and in 1916, after an Act of Congress, US Mail Boat Uncle Sam was officially proclaimed to be the ‘only floating post office on an inland body of water in the world.’ The Uncle Sam is no longer in commission, but its successors, right up to the current Sophie C, have all adopted this title with pride.

United States Mail Boat invites you on a leisurely cruise around the lake, its many islands and surrounding mountains, exploring the history and folklore of this spectacular region, from the days of the Native Americans to the early settlers, and the establishment of Winnipesaukee’s unique and enchanting floating post office. It is the perfect companion for a trip to this wonderful lake, whether from the comfort of your armchair, or from the deck of the Sophie C herself.



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