Norfolk Through Time

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Norfolk Through Time

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Photographs chosen for this volume are testament to the power of “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Each photograph tells a story of Norfolk through time, starting with the city center—the downtown—before going down to the river, revisiting the significance of the streetcar and the horseless carriage on the city’s development, moving into the wards, and, finally, a journey to the Chesapeake Bay on the city’s north shore. In this fascinating selection of photographs Amy Waters Yarsinske traces some of the many ways in which Norfolk has changed and developed over the last century. With over three centuries of rich history, and with so little intact of the city’s historic built environment, photographs are a priceless record of Norfolk, the “sunrise city by the sea.”


To those who know Amy Waters Yarsinske, it's no surprise that this award-winning Renaissance woman became a writer. She learned at an early age that self-expression had to be forceful, accurate and relevant. This drive to document and investigate history-shaping stories and people has already led to over 60 nonfiction books, most of them spotlighting current affairs, the military, history and the environment.

235 x 165 mm - paperback - 96 pages - 92 sepia and 92 color photographs

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