The Life and Reign of Edward the Fourth: King of England and France and Lord of Ireland (Volume 1)

The Life and Reign of Edward the Fourth: King of England and France and Lord of Ireland (Volume 1)

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Edward IV, (1442-1483) was King of England from 4 March 1461 until 3 October 1470, and again from 11 April 1471 until his death on 9 April 1483. In a turbulent world marred by civil war, Edward, 4th Duke of York—with good title to the throne—overthrew the corrupt government of the weak and feeble-minded Henry VI, setting the foundation stones for a strong and prosperous England. He was an able and successful king who rescued England from the misery of war and created her with a firm, judicious and popular government. Like his grandson, Henry VIII, he was tall and handsome as a young man. Also like his grandson he was pleasure-loving, and in his later years he was increasingly arbitrary and avaricious. Notwithstanding this, he proved capable of creating a successful and highly personal monarchy which in many ways set the scene for the Tudor monarchs who ruled throughout the sixteenth century through the bloodline of his eldest daughter, Elizabeth.

Cora L. Scofield's two volumes are a magisterial record of this reign. Although other biographies have appeared, none have replaced this solid work of scholarship. In his authoritative and best-selling biography of Edward IV in 1975, Professor Charles Ross said '. . . my attempt . . . has necessarily involved some foreshortening, and for details one must still refer to Miss C. L. Scofield's elaborate . . . account of Yorkist foreign policy.'


1 The Boyhood of Edward and the Beginnings of the Struggle between the Houses of Lancaster and York;
2 The Lords of Calais;
3 The Lords of Calais Invade England;
4 York’s Failure;

1 Edward take the Throne;
2 The Battle of Towton and the Coronation;
3 Gathering up the Reins of Government;
4 Foreign Relations and First Parliament;
5 Lancastrian Plots and other Anxieties;
6 Queen Margaret’s Disappointment;
7 The Treachery of Percy and Grey;
8 The St Omer Diet: Queen Margaret’s Second Disappointment;
9 The Overthrow of Somerset, Percy and Grey;

1 The Marriage Announcement;
2 The Coronation of Elizabeth Woodville and the Capture of Henry VI;
3 Burgundy or France?;
4 Gathering Clouds;
5 The Marriage of Margaret of York and Charles the Bold;
6 Warwick’s First Failure;
7 Warwick’s Second Failure;
8 Warwick’s Triumph: the Readeption of Henry VI;
9 Edward’s Triumph: the Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury.

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