The Factory on the Cliff

The Factory on the Cliff

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Writing under the pseudonym Neil Gordon, A. G. Macdonell wrote several crime and thriller novels. In the classic genre of ’20s and ’30s crime fiction, Macdonell managed to introduce a different element, unusual twists that keep the reader captivated and anxious to discover what came next.

The Factory on the Cliff begins with a spoilt golf holiday at a coastal golflinks hotel in Aberdeenshire.

George Templeton’s car refused to start on the self-starter. He jumped out impatiently and gave the handle a mighty twist. The engine back-fired and dislocated his thumb and he found himself unable to play golf for the remainder of his holiday.

Unable to play golf with his friends, he resorts to country walks and stumbles upon suspicious goings-on at a cliff-top farmstead where there are numerous outbuildings.

The story moves from Scotland to London, and then to a small village in the Home Counties. In a fast-moving thriller which in some degree resembles John Buchan’s The Thirty-Nine Steps, George Templeton and his friends foil an international plot to mass-poison many countries in the World.

Macdonell uses his usual skill, well-dosed with ingenious twists, and a fast moving story-line, to keep the reader riveted to the book. Chase, conspiracy, espionage, quick-thinking initiative and much adventure with Irishmen and Russians thrown in, keeps the adventure in a high gear from beginning to end.


A. G. Macdonell, (1895-1941) was a journalist and satirical novelist. Without doubt his bestknown work was England Their England, but the success of this overshadows his other books, many of which were classics in their own way. The Autobiography of a Cad must surely rank as one of the funniest books ever written and Lords and Masters is a cutting and hard-hitting satire with frightening prescience, foreseeing the Second World War as inevitable.

His American trip in 1934 is amusingly related in A Visit to America, but his other nonfiction is also powerful and beautifully written, with his highly-regarded Napoleon and his Marshals providing one of the best accounts of the Napoleonic Wars in one single volume.

Macdonell also wrote crime and crime-thriller novels under the pseudonyms of Neil Gordon and John Cameron. These titles are included in the 16 books to be published by Fonthill in the Complete A. G. Macdonell Series.

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