German Night Fighter Force 1917-1945

German Night Fighter Force 1917-1945

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  • A comprehensive and highly detailed reference work on the German night fighter force during both wars
  • Essential reading for the military historian and modeller
  • Profusely illustrated with over 190 mono photographs

The German night fighter force had its origins in the First World War to repel night raids and to fly long-range intruder sorties. They developed operational procedures, which became largely forgotten a few years after the Armistice.

The Western Allies, Britain and France, maintained and improved night-fighting tactics, but the creators of the new Luftwaffe did not at first think about night fighting at all and during the building up of the service, it received only cursory attention in the first large-scale war games held in November 1934. This changed in 1936 and the results of some exercises were set down in a secret study prepared for the Air District school in November of that year.

After the onset of war, and the British and French night attacks on the western area of the Reich, night-fighting became more of a priority. As a consequence of the urgent necessity, the Luftwaffe developed sophisticated techniques, including basic co-operation and co-ordination, and the increased use of electronic systems.

Gebhard Aders’ study of the history of the German night fighter force is a highly detailed analysis with numerous appendices, which provides a comprehensive account of the Luftwaffe’s thoroughness right up to the end when the hunters became the hunted.

Highly illustrated, German Night Fighter Force 1917-1945 also outlines techniques and tactics from 1917 up to the end of the war.


Gebhard Aders is the author of numerous books on the Luftwaffe, including Stuka Dive Bombers, Pursuit Bombers, Combat Pilots, A Pictorial Chronical of German Close-Combat Aircraft to 1945 and Stukas, Jagdbomber, Schlachtflieger: Bildchronik der deutschen Nahkampfflugzeuge. He is an expert on German air defence and until retiring in 2001, he worked in the Cologne Archives.

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Extent: 352 pages
Illustrations: 191 black-and-white photographs

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